Unified building cycle management

Our service commences long before your construction project is realised and does not stop thereafter. Apart from classical construction services such as civil engineering, infrastructure construction or construction in context, we offer you unified building cycle management. Starting from the planning of your project through the actual realisation through to after sales services, we support you at all phases of your construction project. In this way, we realise projects that are thought through right from the start and which you can rely upon after they have been completed.


Fundamentally thought through

With discussion about “sustainable construction” and the constant maintenance cost of property, the demand for a way of looking at property that has a unified orientation to life cycles is gaining ever-increasing significance. Thus decisions that are primarily made upon the basis of the lowest possible initial costs are generally uneconomic and less user-friendly when viewed from the overall cost viewpoint. Our unified construction cycle management therefore already starts with the development of your project. With well-designed buildings, savings in actual building utilisation can be made in terms of energy, cleaning, security, maintenance and facility management costs. A project team is responsible for the successful and economical realisation and the seamless sequence of events in sophisticated projects in both domestic and international markets.

Berliner Platz Kronberg

Lupp provides the following individual and overall planning services:

  • Market and location analysis
  • Site acquisition
  • Profitability analysis
  • Utilisation planning
  • Pre-planning concept
  • Financing plans
  • Marketing concept
  • Draft planning
  • Pre-planning
  • Approval planning
  • Execution planning, putting out and awarding tenders


Highly competent construction services

Building construction

Lupp is the specialist for building construction projects. Our special competency lies in tailor-made, efficient construction solutions that are oriented toward the architectural requirements of each individual case and fulfil the highest demands in terms of convenience for living and working. Beyond communal building construction, we complete commercial and administrative buildings as well as hotels, clinics nursing homes and school buildings.
As a general contractor with a huge network of qualified partners and sub-contractors, we primarily complete building projects up to turnkey completion as complete solutions.

Infrastructure Construction

With profound knowledge of the deployment of human resources, material and machines as well as decades of experience, we realise individual new buildings or reconstructions in the fields of bridges, sewage plants, pipeline construction and canal construction. Construction processes and procedures that have been planned to a dot ensure construction that meets deadlines and offers quality without compromise. Company owned special equipment, makes it possible for us to act flexibly and independently.

Bauen mit Lupp

Construction in context

WWith specially-qualified employees, Lupp implements complex projects in the field of so-called “construction in context”. The particular challenge here is that that large areas of the building are still in use during project execution: particularly in the case of properties such as hotels or office buildings. During the entire construction period, supply and disposal systems are maintained so that disturbance is kept to a minimum. Complemented by our comprehensive experience in the logistics area, contextual construction projects are perfected. It is particularly here that interim storage must be avoided and material delivery must be prompt.


A 360° view of your project

For over 100 years, the Lupp name has been seen as a family- owned enterprise with a high degree of competence and readiness to perform that is above all characterised by the diversity of its areas of activity. Apart from classical construction, the group also offers Lupp Facility Management, since we understand how to ensure the responsibility for economic operation of your property. But it is not just services in facility management we also offer services in additional areas. We can also support you with competent specialist service in these fields: Transport and logistics, automobile workshop, truck workshop, filling station and shop and printing service.